Partial Denture for One Missing Tooth
San Antonio, TX

If you are missing a tooth, don't resign yourself to the situation. There is a solution available in the form of a partial denture. Partial dentures will likely become the standard tooth replacement option in the near future. Though the average dentist does not perform this procedure at a high frequency, it is effective and rapidly growing in popularity. Let's take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about partial dentures for a single tooth.

Partial Denture for One Missing Tooth

Is any preparatory work necessary?

Yes. The dentist must prepare the remaining teeth with grooves and dimples before the patient receives the partial denture. These grooves and dimples, also known as rest seats, allow the metal framework to slide right into the teeth. This is where the denture rests atop the tooth. So, the dentures do not push down onto the gums.

Are there any negatives to the new “flexible” partial dentures?

While the newer style of partial denture is less likely to break and more visually pleasing, it has the potential to push down into the gums when the patient bites. The metal type is not as likely to impact the gums thanks to the fact that it blocks denture pressure from reaching the gums. If you choose the newer version and find your gums feel a bit sore or irritated, we can remedy the problem with slight adjustments.

Have studies been conducted to confirm the longevity of partial dentures for a single tooth?

Few such studies exist. Plenty of studies have been performed to document the effectiveness of partial dentures yet there is minimal data regarding their use for single-tooth replacement. Studies centered on longevity determined lifespan to range from six years to 20 years. In general, patients who replace a single tooth with a partial denture should expect it to last for about a decade. A young patient who opts for a partial denture for a single tooth will likely receive at least three prostheses during his life.

Is there any risk to successive prostheses for single-tooth replacement?

There is the potential for additional biological complications such as caries, tooth fracture, and periodontal pathology.

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